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Sofia Vergara Dons Machine Gun Bra in Explosive Machete Kills Poster

Forget the body count in Machete Kills.

Sofia Vergara is at the forefront of a new poster for this upcoming thriller… and the Modern Family star is making her body count!

The actress will portray Lady Desdemona in the Robert Rodriguez-direced drama, which opens on September 13 and is a sequel to the 2010 hit.

The film will also star Danny Trejo, Vanessa Hudgens, Mel Gibson and even Lady Gaga. But Vergara is dominating the early press. For two very good, large reasons.



Adam Strange, New Zealand Filmmaker, Killed in Shark Attack

Adam Strange, an award-winning filmmaker from New Zealand, was killed last night via a shark attack off the coast of his native country. He was 46 years old.

Adam Strange Pic

The incident took place about 200 yards offshore from Muriwai Beach, according to NBC News.

New Zealand Police Inspector Shawn Rutene says witnesses called authorities upon witnessing the attack, but lifeguards could not reach Strange in time to save his life.

Strange started his career in the world of graphic design and TV commercials, eventually working his way up to short films.

His best known movie, “Aphrodite’s Farm,” won the Crystal Bear for “Best Short Film, 14+” at the Berlin Film Festival in 2009.

The filmmaker leaves behind a wife and a daughter.


Selena Gomez Teases New Music, Eventual Band Reunion

Selena Gomez may not be getting back together with Justin Bieber any time soon, but the singer Tweeted this week that she may be reuniting with her band at some point.

Selena Gomez at Oscars Party

Between 2011 and 2012, Selena and The Scene released a trio of studio albums.

But they parted ways a year ago because Gomez was focusing on her acting and wanted to free the group up to play “wherever with whoever.”

However, “we will be back,” Selena wrote yesterday. “But it will be a good while. I love them and I love you guys.”

As for new music from the young artist herself?

“[Who's] ready for an album?” she asked Wednesday via Twitter. “All the songs have been decided coming to you soon.”

We’re excited to hear them!