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We’re overhauling and basically going to redo this entire fansite, its kinda been on the back burner with trying to work on many other sites we have. So look for things to become more organized as we put things in order here.

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We’re working in the background to get the gallery up fully, so its the reason there hasn’t been much updating recently. So look for a large gallery of celebrity images to be appearing shortly. Then there will be new themes coming as well.

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We’ve chosen to change things completely up around here and gear this fan site more towards photos, videos and all media of your favorite celebrities. The news is becoming too much for one person to handle alone, so that’s going. However, we’ll still be adding the biographies and filmography of every single celebrity and etc. Which means, look for all this to be happening very soon.

Alexis Bledel: Her Tribute to Actor Edward Herrmann

Alexis gave a short but sweet tribute to Edward Herrmann on TVLine last month, after the beloved actor passed away on December 31st, 2014 from a long battle with brain cancer. Bledel and Herrmann worked together for years and became family on Gilmore Girls, and Alexis spoke about how her TV grandpa truly was the head of their makeshift family. 

Alexis Bledel’s short statement:

“Ed Herrmann was a wonderful actor and a kind man. He was endlessly knowledgeable about theater, TV and film, and would generously share his wisdom or tell stories from a long and rewarding career. I am grateful to him for that, and will miss him tremendously. He loved acting and was the head of our Gilmore family with his strong presence and great sense of humor. May he rest in peace.”