Wow! Its Been A While…

Things have been so hectic as far as my real goes, but no worries I am back to getting this whole fan site completely redone. Its been needed for so long now, and will absolutely get done quickly as I am physically able to do. Its thousands if not millions of photos to arrange and upload, so please bare with me as I get this accomplished soon.


Pulling Photos Over Into WordPress

I’ll be pulling all the photos over from Coppermine into WordPress, which is going to take quite awhile to get it all sorted out. It was decided after seeing that I’m not going to be able to keep up with manually updating the gallery script all the time. Plus thinking it would be better to make this more of a photo gallery type blog anyway. So please pardon the inconvenience while we improve this site. Thanks!

A New Site Design

I’ve worked on putting a brand new design up for the site, still tweaking it here and there though. Hope you all like it :)